FIDIC, Model Service Agreement FIFTH EDITION 2017

FIDIC, Model Service Agreement                     FIFTH EDITION 2017


 8 Liabilities

 8.1 Liability for Breach

 8.1.1  The Consultant shall be liable to the Client for any breach by the Consultant of any provision of the Agreement.

8.1.2  The Client shall be liable to the Consultant for any breach by the Client of any provision of the Agreement.

8.1.3  If either Party is liable to the other, damages shall be payable only on the following terms:

(a) such damages shall be limited to the amount of reasonably foreseeable loss and damage suffered as a direct result of such breach;

(b) in any event, the amount of such damages shall be limited to the amount stated in Sub-Clause 8.3.1 [Limit of Liability l; and

(c) if either Party is considered to be liable jointly with third parties to the other Party, the proportion of damages payable by that Party shall be limited to that proportion of liability which is attributable to its breach.


8.2 Duration of Liability

8.2.1 Notwithstanding any term or condition to the contrary in the Agreement or any legal requirement of the Country or any other relevant jurisdiction (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the jurisdiction of the place of establishment of the Consultant), neither the Client nor the Consultant shall be considered liable for any loss or damage resulting from any occurrence unless a claim is formally made on one Party by the other party before the expiry of the relevant period stated in the Particular Conditions, such period to commence upon completion of the Services or termination of the Agreement (whichever is earlier). Each Party agrees to waive all claims against the other in so far as such claims are not formally made in accordance with this Sub-Clause 8.2.1.


From Eijirou-VIII










【名-5】条件、規定、定め、条款、ただし書き、条項◆【同】article ; clause








・Notwithstanding the Article 2, this Agreement can be terminated in the event of contractual failure of either party. 《契約書》第2条の定めにかかわらず、いずれの当事者も他の当事者が本契約に基づく義務を履行しない場合、本契約を終了することができる。

to the contrary



【名-1】司法権、裁判権 【名-2】〔法的権限の〕管轄(区域)

【名-3】権威、権限     【名-4】《法律》法域




・Statutory requirements cannot be waived. 憲法に規定のある要件は守らねばならない。


8.3 Limit of Liability

8.3.1 The maximum amount of damages payable by either Party to the other in respect of any and all liability, including liability arising from negligence, under or in connection with the Agreement shall not exceed the amount stated in the Particular Conditions. This limit is without prejudice to any financing charges specified under Sub-Clause 7.2.2 [Time for Payment], and without prejudice to Sub-Clause 8.4.1. [Exceptions).

8.3.2 Each Party agrees to waive all claims against the other in so far as the aggregate of damages which might otherwise be payable exceeds the maximum amount payable under Sub-Clause 8.3.1.

8.3.3 Without prejudice to the right the Consultant may have under Sub-Clause 6.5.4 [Effects of Termination), neither Party shall be liable in contract, tort, under any law or in any statutory private right of action or otherwise, for any loss of revenue, loss of profit, loss of production, loss of contracts, loss of use, loss of business, third-party punitive damages or loss of business opportunity or for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage.


8.4 Exceptions

8.4.1 Sub-Clause 8.1.3 [Liability for Breach], Clause 8.2 (Duration of Liability, and Clause 8.3 [Limit of Liability] shall not apply to claims arising out of deliberate manifest and reckless default, fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation or reckless misconduct by the defaulting Party.







Aggregate 【形-1】集まった、総計の

・Aggregate employment has fallen substantially. 実質的に総計の雇用数は下落しました。

Tort 【名】《法律》不法行為

Statutory 【形】法定の、法令の、制定法に従う

Punitive 【形】懲罰的な、苛酷な、刑罰の

Consequential 形-1】結果として起こる、必然の、間接的な

Deliberate 【形-1】よく考えた、熟考した上での







Reckless 【形】〔行為が〕無鉄砲な、向こう見ずな、無謀な、見境のない

Default 【名-2】〔義務などの〕怠慢、不履行

Fraud 【名-1】詐欺(罪)、ペテン 【名-4】不正(行為)

Misrepresentation 【名】偽り[虚偽]の陳述、不実[不当]表示

Misconduct 【名】非行、不品行、違法[不正]行為、職権乱用、不祥事、まずい経営